Contractors Workforce Development Assessment

The CWDA is a powerful assessment tool and process designed to objectively measure a contractor’s workforce development and training efforts and commitment. The CWDA helps improve project labor certainty by growing and improving the skilled workforce through objective metrics and effective peer benchmarking.

Contractors Workforce Development Assessment

How does the CWDA system work?

Contractors subscribe online – – to participate in the CWDA. The participant initiates an assessment(s) which correlates to their company type, answers each data request and question on the assessment(s), and uploads documentation to support and validate the answers. A non-biased, third-party auditor reviews the completed assessment and supporting documentation, and assigns a score for each question which aggregates to an overall score. The final and approved assessment results in a CWDA ScoreCard™ which contains metrics and benchmarking data, along with the question details and improvement recommendations. The contractor can then grant access to specific owners and/or general contractors to view their CWDA score. Owners also subscribe to the CWDA to access contractors’ ScoreCards.

Benefits of the CWDA

  • Enables hiring organizations (owners, EPCs, GCs, etc.) more effectively evaluate and qualify contractors in order to lesson project labor risk.

  • Sets workforce development and training metrics and standards for the industry.

  • Drives improvement by helping contractors identify improvement opportunities.

  • Promotes the safe and productive completion of projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Provides a key metric input for the Labor Risk Index (LRI).