Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a vital part of NCCER’s workforce development system. Top-notch teams are recruited for each craft to assist in curriculum development, assessment item writing and review, as well as the development of performance profiles and performance verifications. To put it simply, our SMEs are a big deal.

We strive for committees to balance industry and education by recruiting construction and maintenance professionals with at least journey-level experience, and instructors from around the country. But there’s more to involvement than outstanding knowledge and familiarity with NCCER. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Attendance: Life’s busy. We get it. Our outstanding SMEs consistently attend our meetings, and when life happens, they give their project team a heads up and send any notes ASAP.

  • Participation: No popcorn reading here, folks. Our outstanding SMEs consistently contribute and offer feedback. If something is wrong, they offer an epic and innovative solution.

  • Deadlines: We really dig organization. And our outstanding SMEs feel the same. They do everything they can to get their work in on time (if technology plays nicely, of course).

  • Communication: Our outstanding SMEs respond timely and always keep us updated on project-relevant items. Sometimes they even tell us jokes, too.

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SME Application

If you still have a few questions, or you’re just so excited to learn more, please contact NCCER’s Strategic Partnership Department at 888-622-3720. The code word is SME.

P.S. Don’t forget to share the application with your craft pro colleagues, too!